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I’m a Paid Advertising expert, which in simple language means I do Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Advertising and LinkedIn Paid ads.

Now for the fun bit. Imagine you’re an ambitious Business or marketing agency owner, hungry for growth and increased profitability and currently not using the critical service of lead generation. You know you’ll start losing customers if you don’t plug this gap in your offer. So what are your options?

Option A- waste 3 months of your valuable time recruiting & training someone who may ultimately not work out OR

Option B -engage a proven expert, who will not only deliver the results for the business owners, but for agency clients, I will also act as a trustworthy guardian of your brand as well as opportunity spotting for potential extra revenue for the agency. An easy choice I like to think 😉.

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Google AdWords

Customers are actively looking for your client's service/product every day! They type into Google what they are looking for then the Google Ads pop-up- sounds simple right?

Umm not really, virtually every client I've worked with begin by trying for themselves then realised why others outsource the hard work.

Facebook Advertising -Done For You

Great for clients looking to reach lots of potential new customers without breaking the bank! Typical costs are just £5.00 to reach 1,000 people.

PLUS -Advanced advertiser tools mean reaching not just any old people but ones who will be interested.

Facebook Advertising -NEW Program

Your 6-week proficiency program to transform frustration to confidence.

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With a select group of clients, I utilise my full range of 30+ years of marketing know-how to delivers results.

Non- Executive Marketing Director

Fractional CMO

Marketing Project Management

Let's have a chat if you think you may have a brief.

Facebook Advertising 1-2-1 Training TAILORED

Online training

4 X 1 hour lessons

Agenda based on Training Needs Analysis

Materials:Guides, Tools, Tips and recording

Embedded learning: Quizzes and assignments between lessons

Fee £600

Facebook Advertising 1-2-1 Training "Need to Know"

Online training

4 X 1 hour lessons
"Need to Know"* agenda

Materials:Guides,Tools, Tips and recording

Embedded learning: Quizzes and assignments between lessons

Fee £400

*Typical challenges people face

Facebook Advertising Group Training TAILORED

Online Training*

4 X1 hour agenda based on Training Needs Analysis of attendees

Max 4 participants

Materials:Guides, Tools and Tips.

Embedded learning: Quizzes and Final assignment

30 minute Follow up call with individuals to discuss assignment

Fee £1800

*Option to train at clients offices subject to distance from Harpenden

Facebook Advertising Group Training "Need to Know"

Online Training*

4 X 1 hour "Need to Know" agenda **

Max 4 participants

Materials:Guides, Tools and Tips.

Embedded learning: Quizzes and Final assignment

30 minute Follow up call with individuals to discuss assignment

Fee £1200

*Option to train at clients offices subject to distance from Harpenden

**Typical challenges people face

Facebook Ad Training Chat
  • Looking to Test out Facebook/Instagram Ads for the First Time?
  • Organic Reach Low and Needs a Paid Advertising Boost the RIGHT Way?
  • Recent EU Privacy Changes and Apple iOS Updates Got You Frustrated?

Paid Social campaigns should always be “Marketing First” then Ad platform mastery second

My 10+ years of experience in running hundreds of Paid Social media campaigns was preceded by 20+ years of marketing expertise.

So, this training uses the hard earnt and sometimes painful lessons of delivering 100’s of campaigns (B2C and B2B) and then combines these lessons with my multi-decade Marketing expertise.

This enables me to help YOU build the marketing BRIDGE between Organic social media expertise and Paid social media marketing. your text in this area

This LIVE training costs just £29 and includes:

1 hour training with Q& A

Recording Available

Copy of Slide Deck

Resource links


Marketing Essentials for Facebook and Instagram Ads Success


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About Me

Over three decades of marketing expertise and experience - including three Dragons Den bosses - with the last 10 years focussing on Paid Social media campaigns that have taught me one very powerful lesson - Paid Social campaigns should always be ‘Marketing first” then Ad platform mastery second NOT the other way around.
Recent privacy changes - especially Apple’s iOS 14.5 update - has made Facebook Pixel tracking way less effective, so NO more “Pixel Polishing” you now need a “Marketing first approach”.

Graham Archer DipDM FIDM

Managing Director - 3 Dragon Marketing

“I have worked with Graham for over 10 years and his level of professionalism is top notch. He ‘gets’ what our brand is all about and what our clients expect and I feel confident in introducing him to them because he’s good to work with, he always challenges the brief and always adds extra value. This is not forgetting that we trust Graham to help our clients achieve great results and ROI from both Facebook advertising and Google Adwords! Great campaigns that deliver.”  

Steve Davey - Founder of Smile Marketing, specialists in dental practice growth  

"I have known Graham for several years and he has a wealth of experience in marketing and specifically Facebook advertising. I have benefitted greatly from his experience and knowledge throughout my time at 24/7 networking events and in the individual training he provided me with in Facebook advertising. Graham knows his stuff, is extremely thorough and is very personable with it - a great combination for someone so successful at advising and supporting business owners and businesses in how to get more leads through their marketing activities."

Lynne Moffat - The Bookkeeping Department (Xero Experts)


First, I listen.

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your business and its Goals. We’ll focus on what makes you unique, and define key opportunities.  

Then, I learn.

Together, we’ll talk about your goals and how you want to grow your business. We'll bounce some ideas around and no doubt focus on some quick wins we'd like to take further.  

Lastly, we act.

What I learn sets the foundation for our ideas. We’ll build upon these intial seeds of growth to create a mutually beneficial working relationship, built on trust & mutual respect. No contracts needed.


I’m Graham Archer

I’m a multi-decade marketer who worked with Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame at a critical stage of a £5 Million Turnaround investment –hence the company name! However, my passion today is working with marketing agency owners to help them achieve the client growth they deserve, all for a marketing investment that doesn’t need a Dragon size chequebook.

Let's talk!

Your first consultation is free.

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